About The Center

The Center provides consulting, feasibility studies, and project supervision for entrepreneurs and innovators and facilitates loans and financing for start-ups.

Dr. Naif Fawzi Al-Rwaili
Manager of North Pioneers Center
مركز رواد الشمال

Vision and Mission


Achieve leadership and excellence in creating a suitable and stimulating environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Northern Border Province.


Raise the Northern Border University to be among regional and global prestigious universities in leadership and innovation, by supporting entrepreneurial ideas and developing the spirit of innovation, to transform ideas into value-added products.




  • Support Northern Border University's transformation into an innovative university.
  • Create a culture of entrepreneurship among the University's staff.
  • Equip students with skills and help them acquire cognitive competencies that enable them to start entrepreneurial projects with new creations and innovative ideas.
  • Provide distinctive educational and training programs to develop community members' capacities and enable them to establish and manage enterprises in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  • Provide organizational and technical support, economic consulting, and feasibility studies for innovators and small enterprises.
  • Work with government and private funding agencies to support promising projects and monitor their growth and development in the local market.
  • Transfer promising innovations from the University to different business and economic sectors.
  • Motivate creators and invest in their innovations and talents to serve the community.
  • Market productive projects and obtain property rights for distinctive innovations.
  • Provide job opportunities for innovators and creators.
  • Build strong strategic partnerships with enterprises and enterprise-related bodies to support innovation.